#EmpireKred Staff Commentary (About, not By!) #Humor

EmpireKred Staff Nance Larson has an astonishing capacity to say and do silly things.

When not attacking her customers in a 3 year vendetta she writes jokes on Twitter.


That makes Nance +1 that understand Nance.


Someone fed the old biddy!


Darn those intrepid gonzo guys writing stuff that Nance doesn’t like!


Warning consumers about a business staff that attacks it’s own customers is “harassment”… in Nance Larson’s empty head maybe!


Man, I’d hate to see “Gareth” go to jail.. Don’t do it, Nance!  Don’t do it!

Ahhh, do it.  Why not?


I’m surprised she has any!


That begs the question of just why there are special rules in place according to Michael Q. Todd that allow Nance Larson to attack anyone?

Richard Townsend rewarites rules for eav elders





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