The Espoused Concept of “Superior Force” Requires Warning Consumers About #EmpireKred

When @trollhunterbob tweeted to Yvonne about “superior force” of all things, (sounded suspiciously like Chris Sandys) I knew that I just had to stay with this blogging about Empire Avenue.

That a company is willing to use “superior force” to try to silence legitimate content about its company is atrocious.

Of course we are talking about a company that according to Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, has a “goon squad.”

Shortly after this and other amazingly horrible tweets, I realized that Twitter was at best slow to do anything.

I involved the CA DoJ and San Francisco DA’s office that has jurisdiction over twitter.

This “force” and threats and doxing by Gareth Davies, et al, who are leader of EmpireKred to this day, is more than enough reason to continue to write about EmpireKred.

Trollhunterbob - Copy

Two points.

  1.  Yvonne Roga is her own person.
  2. She’s not “complicit” in anything.   No laws broken here.

Whoever was on this account (probably Chris Sandys, I think), is astonishingly abusive and should be removed from EmpireKred immediately.

It’s astounding that they continue to be openly abusive.

Right now someone is kind enough to buy me fake followers as a strange form of reputation attack.

Stay away from EmpireKred at all costs.

This is their own customer they are doing this to to try to keep abuse of customers stretching back years “off the record.”

Trollhunterbob suspended


That a current member of staff, Nance Larson participates rather than stop this atrocious abuse is quite sad.

You just have to wonder why no one at EmpireKred is stopping this, it seems the “goon squad” mentality that preexisted Kred’s purchase of Empire Avenue still exists.

Imagine reporting cyberbullying of other customers to the company you’re a customer of and then being bullied for over a year.

I have to disagree with Alan Blaze, I think EmpireKred/Empire Avenue has the worst customer support in the social media world.

Alan Blaze NewsBlaze Publisher - Copy






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