A Point of Clarification For A Leader of #Empirekred Regarding #CustServ #Blogging.

Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith seems to be under some misconception that I am fighting about a gaming company.

No, I am not.

I am blogging about a gaming company that is literally shadowboxing itself into oblivion, that has spent years attacking customers to the point that it was openly talked about on the forums.

Daniel Imbellino Notes Threats - Copy

It’s strange that this company, with only about 300 (certainly less than 1000) active players after 5 years would attack customers to their own obvious detriment, but they did so.

Keith appears to have this misconception often.

Just like with #klout and @kloutsupport Keith simply seems unable to process information that doesn’t seem to his benefit, I think.

Basically Keith “learned” he could game Klout for short term until real people began realizing he was a game player, troll, spammer and cyberbully.

There doesn’t seem to be a “there” there to the professional side of DigitalKeith as leader of Empirekred.

And once that bakes into his score, a la Chris Sandys whose Klout went into the toilet, it stops working.

People who try to help Keith with valid information end up attacked and trolled by a man that can’t accept that other people perhaps know a bit more than him.

That Digitalkeith used Empire Avenue missions to troll me personally is well established.

Why Empire Avenue chose to let him run troll missions while my factual mission that showed Keith Gill was running false information through Empire Avenue missions systems was labeled as “mission abuse” remains unknown to me.

I am blogging about a gaming company that I’m a customer of whose leadership began cyberbullying me in May 2014.

They began cyberbullying me after I reported cyberbullying and the (eav)Elders assured me the ToS would be followed going forward.

This turned out to not be quite true.

I should note that I never spoke with anyone from Empire Avenue about what was happening, Terri intervened with Dups, and that was that.

Subsequently Terri Nakamura emailed Dups, and I was allowed back in game, and I felt it was clear that the bullying should stop.

However it appears that was not the case and Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) has failed to reform itself.

I had blogged about these issues prior to meeting Digitalkeith, and had blogged about Empire Avenue in benigh manner and the positive things that I saw well before May, 2014.

The Empire Avenue wordpress site shares several of my blogs, as did their Twitter account.

However, given the fact that Gareth Davies (Leader) tweeted his intent to bully me and all the various activities that are well documented post September or so I assure you that this is no argument.

I am simply relating my experiences as a customer of Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred), that I joined in October or early Novermber 2013 and played sparingly and blogging about it.

The topics covered include social sales, social media, customer service, consumer affairs, blogging, twitter, facebook, wordpress and other categories and tags.

Whether Empirekred changes their policies or not is no longer my concern as I was suspended from my leader account for reporting DigitalKeith’s false advertising being promoted.

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith is inextricably linked in this matter and remains of interest due to his activies as he was moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying me.

Simply because he stops (if he has) trying to control what subject matter I write about for a limited period of time doesn’t mean he won’t resume at any point in the future.

He seems very, very hard headed and unreasonable to me.

Keith Gill remains a leader at EmpireKred, a company with a dramatic history of abusing other customers.

EmpireKred remains open for business, owned by Kred that is located in San Francisco, CA.

I hope this clarifies matters for DigitalKeith and why I will continue to relate why people should avoid him, and EmpireKred until he and they reform EmpireKred.

Abuse by Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith and the rest of the “goon squad” led to a CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter and the San Francisco DA’s office twice opened files.

That such people remain leaders at EmpireKred despite dramatic attacks on their own customer (and other customers going back years for some of them) is of interest to consumers everywhere.

I gave up on my “leaders” account not long after they accused me of “mission abuse” for telling the truth.

Obviously they don’t want to reform nor stop attacking customers.

I am simply blogging to warn other consumers.






We wish Keith Gill the best, otherwise.

Sorry, no can do.

Never did that.  I think we might need more Things Keith Gill Might Have Done Though.

This guy is such a troll.

Same here.

True dat, some things will bite you on the butt.  But there’s been no serial cyberharassment.

There’s been truth about Keith Gill’s false advertising and other acts being told to consumers and customers on Twitter to inform them of what leaders of EmpireKred are up to.

I was gonna stop writing about Empire Avenue, but they wanted me back.

Updated!  You see I requested my tickets be maintained.  Unlike Nance’s who were deleted… Odd, that.




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