Does #Twitter “Condone Bad Behavior”? #Celebrity #Fancienanc #socialmedia #cybersecurity

Celebrity Troll Nancy Abt and her “support group” have an astonishing record of cyberbullying, doxing, trolling fathers and their kids and issuing threats on Twitter.




Who is the support group engaged in this activity with Nancy Abt?

According to court documents, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies, Nance Larson and Keith Gill.

One common denominator between the “support group” is that they are all leaders at EmpireKred.

Nance Larson is also on staff at EmpireKred.

When I removed Nancy Abt for trolling on facebook from my content, she set about bullying her friend on Facebook and on Twitter to teach a lesson of some sort.

I should say that she removed herself.  I explained to Nancy Abt why I wasn’t comfortable with her mean trolling attack and asked her to delete it.

When she refused she gave an ultimatum.  So ultimately I removed her, and her friends who hang out with abusive people from my content.




Nancy Abt seems to have forgotten that she gave me the headshots and she wanted to be in my content.


Yvonne Roga was also a customer of Empire Avenue’s.

Amazingly enough Valerie Gray managed to pick a side.  Imagine that, the corporate shill blogger came down on the abusive liars side.

Nancy Abt seems to confuse fun pictures on the internet with reality.


Nancy Abt Lies on Facebook 1

Nancy Abt Lies on Facebook 2

Nancy Abt Lies on Facebook 3

Nancy Abt Bullying Yvonne Roga 2 Nancy Abt Bullying Yvonne Roga 3



Nancy Abt Claims Victorias Secret Original As Her Own Design


She falsely claimed I had stolen her design (it’s a Victoria’s Secret Original) and made an astounding number of false allegations on twitter as she attempted to get whatever revenge she was after.

Twitter has honored my DCMA takedown, and this tweet has been deleted.


Nancy Abt learn from it


Nancy Abt, self admitted celebrity has trended on Perez Hilton.

Nancy Abt Trends


Nancy Abt Celebrity

Trending On Perez Hilton


FancieNanc DMCA Takedown


Somehow Nancy Abt had access to an apparently undisclosed Twitter office, the “escalation department.”

This does not seem to be available or offered to regular consumers and might explain my difficulty of reaching responsible parties at Twitter such that I had to involve the SF DA’s office and CA DoJ as Twitter was largely unresponsive.

The San Francisco DA’s office twice opened files and the CA DoJ opened an inquiry into twitter’s handling.

One can only wonder why such people remain on Twitter.

One can only wonder at Valerie Gray’s seeming close association with Nancy Abt and gullibility at believe an astonishing liar.

Nancy Abt has been “warned” on Twitter for non violent threats.

Nancy Abt remains one of the most dangerous, conniving, manipulative liars I have ever encountered in my life.

She even falsely claimed having a restraining order on Twitter in multiple tweets.




We continue to hope Nancy Abt gets the hope she needs and is out of hiding from workers’ compensation subrosa investigators.

Given her propensity to lie and make false allegations, I figure it’s only right that I speculate on what she and her “support group” might have done.

They seem like the kind of people that are extremely abusive, what with the cyberbullying, threats and doxing.

Perhaps they like to push people out of wheelchairs?

Haa Haa2


Support Group

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