#EmpireKred Leader #GarethDavies, Games, @lqqkatthis And #NanceLarson’s Failure To Protect Customers

Want to be abused by a company you’re a customer of?

Give EmpireKred a try.

Shortly after leader of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) tweeted his intent to bully me, a customer of Empire Avenue’s, the @lqqkatthis account was created and began spewing lies, bile and falsehoods.

Additional accounts were created, including @doriangraycali, @trollhunterbob (of “superior force” fame and @willardrat007.



The @lqqkatthis account registered at Empire Avenue and proceeded to produce blogs on a website.

The website has been taken down, but the comments on some of those blogs still exist on Disqus, their comment software.

The titles of the blogs are still shown.



The level of vitriole and hate and false information that poured out of this fake website is astounding.




I never worked for Michael Q. Todd, that is wholly a figment of their imagination.

Chris Sandys also made the blatantly false accusation on my blog, and on twitter.

I was simply inquiring as to why Gareth Davies was able to attack others in the Empire Avenue forums, and why Ulf Hedlund was attacking people in the X Bar community.

For reporting cyberbullying, I ended up cyberbullied by the “goon squad” of Empire Avenue.





Michael Q. Todd never paid me a dime nor asked for me to blog about Empire Avenue.




I do not see that Michael Q. Todd is trying to tear down Empire Avenue, if anything he was committed to trying to save it in some form.

But this company seems committed to allowing Nance Larson to attack Michael Q. Todd any anyone that inquired why these attacks were occuring when their own forum rules prohibited personal attacks.

That they then exported their falsehoods to Twitter is astounding.




I have never met Michael Q. Todd.

I believe I followed him or he followed me on Twitter on @wanderinpoet as a result of Twitter’s algorithm that suggest interesting accounts.




An unwary visitor took the time to point out the falsehoods.




Michael Q. Todd did not pay for my leaders package.  He has never paid me a dime.  Nor did anyone approach me on his behalf to blog about Empire Avenue.




And their falsehoods explain why I had to go to the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office as Twitter was unresponsive to my emails to @support.


The false blogs were shared by a few Empire Avenue leaders, Omar Habayeb and Gareth Davies, included.

Dorian Gray Locked DorianGrayCali Non Violent Threats Suspended DorianGrayCali Suspension Non Violent Threats Warning lqqkatthis suspended non violent threats lqqkatthis suspended Trollhunterbob suspended




I disagree, and you seem to have done it to yourself.


Gareth Davies is a leader of Empire Avenue, they run things.


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