#EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson I Was Done Blogging About Empire Avenue (Now #EmpireKred)…. #EaV #Socialmedia

But it’s readily apparent that your abusive ways at Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred continue) continue.

I was done blogging about Empire Avenue…

capture3 - Copy


Date 2/20/2015,  Source Archived:

But being watched by Opinionated Man, who self medicates and beats his wife in his sleep, a person with a history of cyberbullying me, necessitated that I continue to blog about this historically abusive gaming company.

I took my own blog down, but this abusive companies leadership, led by DigitalKeith who cannot seemingly process any information that doesn’t agree with his preexisting notions compelled continued blogging about EmpireKred.

That this abusive company refuses to reign in their abusive leaders and is happy to rely on threats, doxing and vicious trolling is reason enough to stay away from EmpireKred.




What advice?  I write blogs.  I don’t give legal advice.  This man is sooo out of this world it’s insane.

And then there’s Nance Larson who lies about her and their positions of authority at Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) as Leaders, Team Leaders and now staff.

They even announce their own intent to bully their own customers.

The CA DoJ opened an inquiry into Twitter’s handling of this matter and the San Francisco DA’s office interceded twice.

Source:  DigitalKeith Old Tweets.





You really shouldn’t listen to people that project their own hate onto others, I think.


It was a hard lesson for Opinionated Man to learn that he can’t control what people say about him on the internet.  IF IT’S THE TRUTH.



He seems to miss that part in his blogging when he lies, threatens, cyberbullies and trolls.


Watch who you make friends with, it rubs off on you and leaves you smelling pretty bad.


Opinionated Man Threats



Caught in the anti-spam dragnet.

I think it’s obvious to informed observers when people buy retweets, likes, faves, shares.

Just some goofballs think they are fooling everyone.

They never learn.

Stay off the blog you abusive, cyberbullying  troll named Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith.






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