Things #Celebrity #Fancienanc And Her “Support Group” Might Have Done #EaV #SocialMedia #Humor

Given Celebrity Nancy Abt’s (AKA #Fancienanc) well documented ability to lie I thought I’d speculate in satirical fashion on things that she and her “support group” (not coincidentally they also seem to be the Empire Avenue “goon squad”) might have done.

Given that Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith has written that consumers may be banned for whatever reason, and have no rights, this seems entirely within the realm of possibility to me.



They might have abused the disable

Haa Haa2


The Dragonlady and her “Support Group” might of trained dogs with Michael Vick.



Defiled the memories of Veterans that fought to preserve the rights of all citizens.



Appeared on the “Red Carpet” in Hollyweird.

Rough Crowd



I control who appears in my content.  Troll and go.  Sorry, troll, but you had to go.  And that was your choice.



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