Things That Might Cause #EmpireKred Leader Omar Habayeb To Go Postal

Man do these so called leaders at Empire Avenue (Now #EmpireKred)love to spread lies, hate, bile, filth, more lies, falsehoods and complete and utter fabrications.

Such is the case with Omar Habayeb, AKA @omarthedataman.

Omar claims to have written a social media policy for Harrison College, but if this is what they do, and what he teaches, run away screaming from that “for profit” “educational” facility.

Omar Habayeb




Propensity for violence

Having nothing worse than a traffic ticket on my record makes Omar Habayeb a slimeball of epic proportions, attacking a fellow customer of Empire Avenue’s who reported cyberbullying and ended up being cyberbullied in return.

So let’s speculate about Omar.

Getting in between Omar and his food!



Questioning Al’s social media credentials.


Wondering why the X Bar Facebook community, comprised of Empire Avenue Brand Managers, Team Leaders, Leaders and staff is used by some of the people to attack others and refer them to Ulf Hedlund for whatever it is he does to the unsuspecting customes.




Admin 2  Nance Larson Referral To Ulf





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