California Is Not A Corporatocracy, #socialmedia #eav

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, leader of EmpireKred is on record on Paul Steinbrueck’s blog stating that,

“I don’t think “due process”…




That seems to be his problem, he thinks his opinion is fact.

Most of the major social media corporations are headquartered in CA in the bay area.

This is true for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.  I’m sure the list goes on to minor social media platforms as well.

Apparently Keith Gill has never heard of the San Francisco DA’s office Consumers Protection Unit or the CA DoJ.

They opened inquiries into Twitter based on twitter’s handling of abuse by Keith Gill and the rest of the “goon squad.”

Don’t believe a corporate marketer who seemingly sidelines as a “goon.”

Consumer protections exist to protect consumers from such seeming “corporate psychopaths”.

Have you been abused by the EmpireKred “goon squad” on social media sites headquartered in California?

If so, contact  San Francisco DA’s Office Consumer Protection Unit: (415) 551-9595


Don’t listen to corporate disinformation.  The forms are for everyone.


God bless the USA.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted Ethel Newlin 1122015 Ethel Newlin 11062014




I am not interested in what staff of EmpireKred and leaders are learning.

I’m interested in consumers being informed of EmpireKred, a business open for business in the great state of California.



That’s right.  It’s not.  Capitalism relies on informed consumers not abused by corporate leaders.

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