#EmpireKred Staff Nance Larson, the DCMA, Plagiarism and Copyright #eav #socialmedia

Update 11/2/2015:

EmpireKred staff Nance Larson has deleted her blog as a result of this blogging investigation.


It should be obvious to any casual observer that Nance Larson potentially violates copyright as she’s a major, major plagiarist and spammer on her WordPress blog.

She frequently posts materials lifted from books and other sources, online or not, and posts them uncited to her WordPress blog.

The following blogs were checked on Small Tools SEO Plagiarism Checker.




The last blog is from a book available on Google books, 

The Best Jokes I’ve Heard

All blogs checked come up as plagiarized according to the tool.

When one of the “goon squad” accounts was using artwork, Nance argued against my copyright which is DMCA compliant.

DMCA, as in Digital Management Compliance Act.

This is how vindictive this woman is.  This woman who the admins bend and break the rules for and allow to attack the customers.

I have posted my copyright here, and everywhere I have filed notifications has honored it.

Only once in 10 filings or so, has a social media site, Facebook, refused my DCMA claim.

The Facebook copyright team did  did discuss their reasons at length with me and their reasons were legally acceptable to me.

Nance Larson, in arguing against a copyright available online from  Creative Commons, argues against well settled law that underpins the digital economy and intellectual property.

And she’s carried out a vendetta against Empire Avenue customer for 3 years.

And attacked any other that even asked what on earth was going on in that abusive place.

Staff Nance Larson, Chief Goon, of the “goon squad”, I believe.

It’s impossible to me to  believe she’s acceptable as a potted plant, much less a member of staff at Empire Avenue.

But she is on staff.

She’s an utter failure of leadership, and would be a major embarrassment at any legitimately run company.



Nance Larson, on Staff at a social media business wants to violate copyrights.

It must be so she can continue to be a spammer…

EmpireKred themselves claim to prohibit such violations of copyright, clearly the rules don’t apply to Staff Nance Larson.





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