#EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Claims Not To Have Known What Doxing Was #eav #socialmedia

When Gareth Davies, leader of Empire Kred doxed me, Nance Larson happily participated.

Gareth Davies has been suspended by Twitter for violent threats and tweeting my private information (doxing) and warned yet again for violent threats.

Nance Larson at no point made any attempt to stop that abuse despite being a leader, then promoted to team leader, then added to staff at EmpireKred.



It’s a bit of a stretch for me to believe that Nance didn’t know what doxing was, but I note that she says it was to late as the harassment had started.

What kind of company has leaders that tweet they will bully their own customer?


Gareth, whose first words to me ever included that he was a big sad man or somesuch on the Empire Avenue forums, seems to feel that “making noise” can’t be tolerated.

That she at no point between the time the harassment started and now felt that harassing customers and doxing them was inappropriate or that she shouldn’t engage in such activities is telling.

She just wants the blogging about the “goon squad” of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) to stop.

Being out only $100.00, I feel it’s far more valuable of a community service to continue to warn consumers what EmpireKred is, and has done.

No idea what doxing is


This is a woman who is on staff who rather routinely lies about her position of authority at Empire Avenue and others.  There has been no word from EmpireKred support as yet.

Nance Larson Happy Father's Day

Nance Larson Not In Marketing Department


Nance Larson Gareth Davies Not A Principal

Detests Liars

Nance Larson Strong Enough

Nance Larson Gifted


Nance Larson Confirms Team Leader Nance Larson Empire Avenue No Longer Exists

Nance Larson Minds Own Business



Yes the harassment started, Nance Larson, nor anyone else in positions of authority at Empire Avenue stopped it.

When you consider that Gareth Davies has doxed other customers and conducted many vicous attacks, yet remains a leader at Empire Avenue, this seems course of action to protect consumers seems most prudent.


Again, given the stated philosophy of Keith Gill, aka #digitalkeith who thinks people can be banned for just any old reason and have no rights, the blogging and warning of consumers will continue.

After all I was told by DM by (eav)leaders in late May that the ToS would be followed going forward at Empire Avenue, and we reasonable people know that didn’t happen at all.

What kind of company attacks their own customers?  The kind with a “goon squad.”




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