A Reponse From #EmpireKred Support Does Not Clear Up Anything. #EaV #SocialMedia

I filed a ticket on EmpireKred, and their support desk was kind enough to respond.

I will post their exact response and discuss.

I will discuss their response here.

Source:  https://empireavenue.zendesk.com/requests/9000





  1.  I have a relationship with Kred in that I’m a customer.  EmpireKred is described as part of “new Kred” but this is really neither here nor there.
  2. The Leaders package was advertised as “The first social media network run by members, for members” on their social media sites.
  3. More possible roles exist than players, staff and owners.
  4. Steven L. Johnson and Lynn O’Connell were Brand Manager/Admins.  Lynn O’Connell has been promoted to “Players Champion” (whatever that means) and Steven L. Johnson’s present role is unknown to me.  Do Brand Manager/Admins still exist?
  5. I have described brand manager/admins as just that and people who wielded apparent authority as “agents”.
  6. Given that Chris Sandys told me that his principal gave him no authority, it’s clear Mr. Sandys is an agent without authority.  This is well settled case law.  He was a leader of Empire Avenue as he made these statements on my blog.
  7. Nance Larson is identified as “staff” through the new player missions that alert that forums are run by “staff”.  Within that forum she’s identifed as an Admin.  Not a “moderator.”
  8. Steven Healey was a Team Leader.  Is he still?  He is also a Leader to my knowledge.
  9. Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and Teri Gidwitz are Leaders of Empire Avenue to my knowledge.  And remain so.
  10. Steven L. Johnson, mentioned with this group, was a Brand Manager/Admin.  And is a Leader.
  11. Dups, Founder, Former CEO, director, has posted as /devteam subsequent to the formation of EmpireKred.  Is he still involved in any role at all programming, /devteam, formal or informally, paid or unpaid.


I have asked for public clarification so all customers or prospective customers of EmpireKred may know what their exact position is, and what authority they wield.  And whether they are paid staff, volunteers, or own some shares that Nance Larson thinks are generally worthless.

There is such a thing as an “intangible asset” oh silly Support Desk person.

Nance Larson Shares - Copy


If I’m running a company, I don’t stop running the company just because I step out the door.  I’m still running the company just now outside.

That logic, that it’s only “in game” makes zero sense from the perspective of running the company.  Which is what Empire Avenue social media posts say they do.

Nance Larson seems to think Leaders own some shares, and I agree with her as she’s a retired banker.  Clearly in the know of what a “share” would be.

I have asked for clarification of any formal, or informal power structures and herein inquire as to why players, leaders in this case, who are responsible for departments of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) would think that their responsibilities only lie within the website and not beyond as they dox and threaten other customers on socialmedia sites that EmpireKred relies on for much of their own business.

Essentially, it’s as Chris Voss noted in his blog, the existence of a “goon squad” that Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) refuses to acknowledge or control.

I don’t care if they are volunteers, agents, paid piecemeal, contract, leaders, employees, farmhands, day laborers or prostitutes (Chris Sandys?) or wholly independent players, the people who attacked me were at least Leaders of the company and they doxed me and violently threatened me.

And Gareth Davies has a history of doxing other players.  And they seem to remain welcome at EmpireKred.

It’s simply irresponsible for new owners not to take that seriously.

I am happy to call them Leaders, and as the case may be “goon squad” as it’s clear from what I have documented happening to others, and that has happened to myself that there’s a “goon squad” from EmpireKred attacking people.

I strive for accuracy, I’m hoping that EmpireKred will make a public post clarifying exactly what people ARE instead of what they say they are NOT.

Stop playing games.  Be forthcoming with information.  Even Nance Larson doesn’t know what’s going on.

I’m happy to use, with total irony, “Leaders” for leaders, “Player Champion” for the abusive former brand manager/admin (I guess) and “goon squad” for anyone that doxed, threatened me or has been moderated for cyberbullying…

Nance Larson Things Change - Copy





Had I wished for an update from some dude at a support desk I would have asked them for clarification.

I assume Kred and EmpireKred have press offices like other major businesses.

I can’t accept some unsigned support persons assertions.

Make it an official post or press release.


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