Leader of #EmpireKred Can’t Handle the Truth! (In #Advertising) #socialsales

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith a leader at EmpireKred seems to come up with some real doozies of trolling tweets.

That people like DigitalKeith do marketing on the internet is a major reason why people do not trust internet marketers.

And, apparently I found Manbearpig.

I simply knew that his mission he was running on Empire Avenue was promoting falsehoods as verified by @kloutsupport and as a Leader of Empire Avenue was concerned about those falsehoods being promoted through Empire Avenue missions.

I have no idea how many troll missions Keith Gill created on Empire Avenue because he simply couldn’t accept his material he was promoted contained demonstrable falsehoods.


@kloutsupport confirmed the falsehood of Keith Gill’s content.

capture150 (1)


Digitalkeith then created missions on Empire Avenue to troll because he was unable to accept that his advice on his Sales 4 Life article was demonstrably false.

Although DigitalKeith deleted his troll tweets, which are false, the RT’s by Empire Avenue customers can be seen here at Topsy Twitter Search.





Apparently Empire Avenue thinks trying to warn other customers and leaders of falsehoods being promoted through Empire Avenue is “mission abuse.”


Keith Gill Abuse Email




So much for truth in advertising from Keith Gill, aka Digitalkeith and Empire Avenue.

I block trolls and bullies.



I apparently am “Al Gore” and I found Manbearpig.



Take that, #Manbearpig!


Keith Gill ManBearPig




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