#EmpireKred Support Disavows Responsibility For Leaders Behavior On #SocialMedia #EaV #leadership

Chris Voss originally blogged about a “goon squad” from Empire Avenue and with @eav_support disavowing authority over their leaders posts it seems the “goon squad” still exists as @eav_support simply tells you to take it up with the other social media site.

Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.” In the end, I went to EA’s Angel Investor and EA had to shut down its Chat Room and Chat Mod “goons squad.” EA shamelessly has never apologized or produced it damning chat logs as promised by their CEO. This is one of those posts, you can read the rest by Search in the upper right for ‘Empire.’ Don’t play EA or if you do save your REAL money.

Been attacked by leaders of EmpireKred?

Been doxed or violently threatened by Gareth Davies, cyberbullied by Keith Gill on Instagram?  Non Violently threatened by Chris Sandys?

Don’t bother asking Empirekred for help.

Their response is to take it up with the other social media platforms.

And I have.

And that’s why I can say that I’ve been doxed and violently threatened by Gareth Davies, cyberbullied by Keith Gill on instagram and non violently threatened by Chris Sandys, as all have been moderated by the other social media platforms.  All are leaders at EmpireKred.

Leader (definitely not staff according to support, despite their website identifying her as staff) Nance Larson also participated in the doxing and did nothing to stop it.

Oh, and Keith Gill had his twitter account locked as well (replaced indefinite suspension.)

Just don’t ask EmpireKred to help you with their leaders behavior.

They shine you on.

To me this simply confirms the existence of a “goon squad” that Chris Voss originally reported.

What kind of company doesn’t control their leaders?  EmpireKred.

What kind of company has leaders that attack you if you don’t comply with keeping abuse “off the record”?  EmpireKred.

They don’t care.  Don’t give EmpireKred any business.



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