How Empire Avenue (Now #EmpireKred) Crushed A Soul #EaV #socialsales

According to Rob Zaleski, writing for Mark W. Schaefer of Grow, Empire Avenue crushed his soul.

Rob noted that,

Empire Avenue is powered by fakes, spammers, and desperate “gurus” I used to admire until I saw their true colors show on this platform. Here I am, thinking I’ve been failing at blogging because I’m not getting tons of engagement, when it turns out I’m apparently just not bribing people.


One such spammer and plagiarizer, Nance Larson, is on staff.

Just yesterday Nance Larson took down her wordpress blog after I reported on her long term plagiarizing.


Noted social media expert Gareth Davies has nominated Nance Larson for a shorty award in spam, as well.


If you wonder why EmpireKred has the reputation it has, look no further than their own staff member, Nance Larson.


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