Is “Quitting SocialMedia” Still Quitting If You Use It To Promote New Vision?

18 year old Essena O’Neill, an instagram and youtube social media star has taken to Vimeo to spread her message about quitting social media.

Vimeo is a social media site.

If Essena is dissatisfied with “likes, faves and shares” she can certainly gather motivation elsewhere for whatever it is she wants to do.

Essena was able to earn a living on social media.

But is “quitting social media” really quitting social media if you take to social media to spread your message?

This almost seems not real to me.  Does she realize she’s still on social media sites?


I realize that many people are absorbed by likes, follows and shares, but if that’s how they make their living, who is she to judge.

That’s one way to determine if your message is reaching your intended target.

Another would be emails received, which she takes count of and notes major media wishes to interview her.

I can only hope that the young ladies parents are watching and provide the support she seems to need before pushing her onto primetime tv news coverage.

Read more about Essena at

I hope she finds a direction in her life that she enjoys and is truly passionate about.




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