Once A Plagiarizer, Always…? #SocialMedia #EaV

EmpireKred Staff Nance Larson, who recently deleted her WordPress blog subsequent to having her plagiarism found out continues to plagiarize on her Facebook page.

The page, Laughter Is The Best Medicine, is scored on her official EmpireKred account.

The posts are then tweeted onto twitter.

As we known from Admin Robby Ball, some people at Empire Avenue can abuse.

Why does EmpireKred allow such abuse when they have rules that prohibit submitting content that potentially violates copyright?

So let’s check Nance Larson’s Facebook page with SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker.

And we immediatly notice the same plagiarized joke from The Best Jokes I’ve Heard by Douglas Blankenship.


And it’s been tweeted as well.


At this point I’m scared to check the rest of her social media…

But I shall!

Might her Google+ just contain the same spammed plagiarized content?

I don’t see the joke on her G+, but I see an awful lot of jokes I know she didn’t write.

Maybe Nance needs a clean social media start on all her profiles to try to erase the horrible stench of plagiarism?

The Nance




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