What Might #EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Have Done? #EAV #Humor #socialmedia

Like so many of the other “alleged” leaders of EmpireKred, staff member Nance Larson likes to wildly speculate.

This is sad and a horrible exhibition of leadership from a member of staff of a company engaged in social media.


This is, needless to say, patently false, and one of the more mindless tweets from these leaders.

Nance’s need to lash out rather than reflect on her astonishing record of abuse of customers and learn from her own extremely unprofessional behavior is sad.

No one wants to be a customer of a corporation whose staff is so abusive, Nance.

Nance has been abusing customers of Empire Avenue’s for as long as 3 years according to 1 customer.


So without further adieu,

Things Nance Larson Might Have Done!

Nance Might Have Buried Jimmy Hoffa!



Maybe she got away?




She might have been in the SLA.



Nance might have made popcorn to watch the Waco coverage.



Nance probably got kicked out of the Thrift Shop.





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