Customer Service Failure At The New DotKred Stable of Companies #SocialMedia #EaV @Kred

Klout has always provided tremendously better customer service than Kred to me, answering questions quickly and efficiently.

And they involved the other social media platforms to help solve issues when necessary.

According to VentureBeat reporter Ken Yeung, PeopleBrowsr’s purchase of Empire Avenue,

has acquired Empire Avenue in a move that consolidates the influencer metric/marketing ecosystem. As a result of the deal, Empire Avenue is being absorbed into the dotKred stable, which may lead to the creation of new tools to help individuals gain influence with brands and one another.


Apparently despite being a long time customer of Kred’s that doesn’t count to EmpireKred support.

I have no relationship with EmpireKred according to them.



And of course trust, that is essential to any relationship is shattered and I’m free to tell people that the new dotkred stable of companies has no idea who their customers are or who they have relationships with.

And that the leaders of their company, EmpireKred, have been suspended by Twitter for doxing and violent threats.

Want to be potentially attacked online by leaders of EmpireKred, part of the dotkred stable of companies?

Give EmpireKred a try.



Gareth Davies at EmpireKred with his leader badge on his profile.

Gareth New Profile


Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats




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