Dissecting A Conversation With #Troll And #EmpireKred Leader #GarethDavies

One way trolls operate is simply to ignore everything you say, drop context, go off on tangents and proceed without any available evidence, logic or ability to comprehend available evidence.

According to Michael Q. Todd, also a leader of EmpireKred, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) is one such troll.


Gareth Attacks Michael Q Todd - Copy

Gareth Davies 3 years - Copy

(I cannot explain Michael Q. Todd’s willingness to put up with attacks by Gareth Davies for 3 years or so, nor can I explain his complete inability to think about the public safety and welfare that exposing such people as Gareth Davies helps.)

A sparkling example of this is well known cyberbully, troll and leader of EmpireKred, Gareth Davies.

The day started off as I was minding my own business, having noted the day before or so that people had maliciously bought me twitter followers.

I blogged about the fake followers suddenly appearing on 10/24/2015.

And tweeted to Twitter to advise them.

This is a pathetic, but well known type of petty harassment that trolls and bullies use to try to damage reputations.

It remains viable on Twitter because of the sheer number of fake accounts Twitter allows, along with spam accounts like Keith’s.

And Along came Troll!

Right on time!

This troll happens to have a sax soloist accompanying him.


And tried to launch a vicious trollio attack!

Gareth tries to be trolly, but his lies and silly lack of reason just make it sad.

Needless to say my blogs about him are as truthful as I can make them.

It’s sad that a man that has been suspended by twitter for doxing and violent threats remains able to tweet on twitter, but he does so.

So he lies, blusters, and generally waves his hands about angrily with no real effect.

His well known troll friend Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith joined in, but soon left since he had no idea what was going on (a usual state of affairs for Mr. Gill, I believe).

This last tweet from this blowhard is actually a very, very good question.


Why can a person who exhibits no rational ability to hold a conversation to me blunder about Twitter harassing people?

Keith Gill is also a troll, and has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying.


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