The New Player Welcome Wagon With #EmpireKred #Staff #NanceLarson (Buy Eaves!?!) #eav #socialmedia

Empire Avenue support apparently has no idea that their own website indicates that the Welcome Wagon is run by staff.

Inside that forum, Nance Larson is third from the top and listed as an admin.

Certainly people can wear multiple hats or have multiple titles, so nance Larson is a leader who was gifted with the leaders package that was advertised that leaders would be running the show.

Then she was a Team Leader, suddenly springing for to rain down terror upon members in Robby Ball’s (eav) Elder’s forum and now she’s indicated as “Staff” as per the website.

Nance is also an affiliate of EmpireKred who stands to profit if you select her as your referral and buy products from the EmpireKred shop.

Capture - Copy (4)


Capture - Copy






Capture - Copy (3)


So let’s check out the question of the Day with Staff Nance Larson.


Capture - Copy (5)









Capture - Copy (9)


Do you get the feeling Nance wants you to buy eaves?

No discussion of running missions.

No discussion of the hyperinflation that had been plaguing the game.

Customer Thinks Greed is problem - Copy


A properly function economy in a game will reward and incentify the player to buy add on products without the need to whore eav sales.

The clear priority in this forum, to me, is selling eaves, which as has been noted for quite a while, damages the in game economy.




One customer of EmpireKred figured out how to get eaves.


Nance Witch - Copy


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