The Return of #KevinGreen to #EmpireKred as a Brand Manager/Admin #socialmedia #eav

Kevin Green, the head honcho, the big cheese, the singer of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, the man at least 1 player (not myself) thinks actually ran the show at Empire Avenue has returned as a Brand Manager/Admin to EmpireKred.

And you have to wonder why, if you’re not a spammer, I think.

Kevin is listed on the Empire Kred Leaders profile as a “Brand Manager/Admin.”

Kevin Green previously was announced as a Brand Manager Admin when the program began in April, 2014, but resigned under undisclosed circumstances in June, 2014.


Eav Leaders Bio Page - Copy


Big Kev runs at least 4 Empire Avenue profiles well known for putting up some of the worst  40 missions per day in the game ever run.

This happened during “mission mania” when Empire Avenue was in a downward slide according to Alexa.

To me, this was simply a sorry attempt to plump up Empire Kred’s traffic.

I sure hope @Kred had a very fair valuation of this company before they bought it.

chris-sandys-sycophant - Copy

This Alexa chart is from October, 2014.

Alexa 10192014


The accounts are (e)mysodotcom,   (e)Fixedops(e)dealerlogix and (e)RTRT.

The missions as I recall were 10 per each account, crosslinked so that you’d visit the other accounts of his, run during Mission Mania in October 2015.

Example Screenshot:

10715654_10152490122958406_440927210_n - Copy

Mission Mania - Copy


The accounts have the usual spread of social media accounts for an empire avenue customer of high standing.

These accounts are the related twitter accounts on the account profiles.


We have previously blogged about the amazing spam put out by 3 of these 4 twitter account.  Lifted tweets without attribution, and repetitively tweeted across various accounts.

I think he has more accounts, but honestly I can’t be bothered to look.

mysodotcom spam - Copy Rock the retweets spam - Copy Rock the retweets spam


This would seemingly violate ToS Rule 18 as quoted by Nance Larson in a thread today, but it seems the Terms of Service just doesn’t apply to some people with initials KG.  

Strange coincidence?


Multiple Accounts




Even noted social media expert Gareth Davies seems to agree,

Capture - Copy (10)




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