A #Cyberbully Called Me A “Troll” On #Twitter. #cybersecurity #socialmedia @jack @safety @policy @support

Gareth Davies, (@me_Gareth) leader of EmpireKred and well known cyberbully (suspended by Twitter for tweeting my private information, and violent threats, warned yet again for violent threats) called me a troll.

This really breaks my heart.

Of course anyone can simply call anyone a troll.

But with the multiple suspensions, and his long history of rampaging around twitter, one has to wonder why a guy that cannot be blocked on Twitter, thus negating a key safety feature, remains welcome on Twitter at all.

StatusPeople.com has an excellent article on “Trolling” and the chilling effect on free speech and how to define a “troll”.

This is causing us to throw around the term Troll carelessly and in the case of Brenda Leyland tragically. It is time we put trolling into perspective. Social Networks are generally a very good place to be — dynamic, constructive and friendly — we should remember that. A more sensible definition of a Troll would be based around two points…

  1. They are directly rude.
  2. They make direct personal threats.

This would clearly seperate cases like Brenda Leyland from the likes of Peter Nunn who are actual Trolls. In addition the authorities should only involve themselves if point 2 is breached.


By this definition, that seeks to protect free speech will stopping harm, only one of us is a troll.  And it ain’t me.



Troll just can’t get enough commentary, news and parody coverage I guess.



I’m still astonished @kred and @peoplebrowsr allow @eav_support to not control this predator of their customers.





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