#EmpireKred Team Leader Steven Healey Claims Over 5000 Active Players On Site #socialmedia #eav

Once has to carefully consider what constitutes an active player to Team Leader Steven Healey.

Given the fact that late last year Empire Avenue was down to 276 relatively active accounts (Based on network score on EmpireAvenue) , and the fact that many people control multiple accounts it seems likely that Team Leader Steven Healey’s claims are somewhat inflated.

MQT Player Retention - Copy


A careful look at the EmpireKred “Welcome Wagon” forum that is run by staff of EmpireKred reveals many accounts that look to be connected with similar naming convention and graphics style of icon.

How many individual active players does EmpireKred actually have?

No one knows.

But 5000 unique indiviuals seems dubious at best.

Mr. Healey’s claim is at on the Blab video, entitled,

Empire.Kred – A discussion about the site and November’s events


It is also noted that Mr. Healey doesn’t disclose his being a Team Leader with EmpireKred in the video.


From Mr. Healey’s LinkedIn profile.



He does indicate that he and Skip Bieber are moderators.

Skip Bieber is listed as an “Admin” on the Tactics and Tech Forum, 1 of the 2 official forums that is run by Staff of EmpireKred according to information available on the site.



Capture - Copy


He does disclose EmpireKred was bought out by  Kred as they discuss Klout with Empire Avenue Leader Skip Bieber.

Mr. Healey’s claims take place at 5:53.

“…there are over 5000 people a month active on the site at the moment.”


For advertisers to be happy with their dollars spent and roi, they want to know that those 5000 are unique individuals, not sock puppets and people with multiple accounts like Brand Manager/Admin Kevin Green, or “marketers” that buy their retweets on Fiverr like Leader Keith Gill

EmpireKred is not transparent and does not make this information known.

Steven Healey on EmpireKred.

Capture - Copy (3)


Skip Bieber on EmpireKred with Leader badge on profile.

Capture - Copy (2)


Nothing to sell, Except for EmpireKred and Kred on Blab?




In other news Linked.In is no longer available as a network score on Klout.

We not that Empire Avenue leaders such as Keith Gill were failing to disclose their association with Empire Aveue subsequent to it being bought out by EmpireKred and promoting Kred to competitor Klouts detriment without disclosing their relationship with Kred (PeopleBrowsr).

Tis a shame when people do not disclose their associations as required by FTC requirements and we hope Keith Gill does so in future when promoting material associated with EmpireKred or the other .dotKred stable of companies.

Be Real!  Disclose your associations.



Linked.In is a serious, professional website for professionals, not spammers and trolls, I think.

Obviously EmpireKred has far, far different standards, and some would say unethical and potentially violating FTC, standards…







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