Gareth Davies, #EmpireKred Leader and “Scum of the Land”? #eav #socialmedia

According to Donald Patnaude, manually retweeing internet marketer Justin Matthew, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) is “Scum of the Land.”

Mr. Matthew posts on Facebook,

Well Gareth Davies passion in life to try to destroy others more successful them him in any capacity. Now I am usually not one to care but when you make it your life to go after people in social media that are quite frankly more talented then you and post slander about them. I have to draw the line.


After looking into Gareth’s posts I see this is basically what he does. He made numerous lies about Michael Q Todd and many others THEN he will actually run missions on the post. NO WORSE SCUM in my book. Well Gareth you messed with he wrong BULL I will spend whatever it takes best lawyers I know to make sure you get what you deserve.

Having dealt with Gareth Davies for over a year now, I can indeed confirm he is a horiffic liar, and troll.

Additionally he has been suspended by Twitter for violent threats and doxing a customer of Empire Avenue’s.

Somehow this predatory beast remains a leader at EmpireKred despite all this harassment of many Empire Avenue customers for years.


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