“Slave Labor” (Volunteer!) At EmpireKred? Shocking! #EaV #SocialMedia

Poor Leader of (Volunteer?, Staff?) EmpireKred Nance Larson!  Unable to afford photoshop!

Slaving away as a “Volunteer” (Staff) member at EmpireKred for peanuts.

Hoping people will sign up so she can be her referrer through EmpireKred’s affiliate program.

Is Nance well?

Is she well treated or has she been brow beaten into submission by the likes of Chris Sandys, Keith Gill and Gareth Davies?

We hope Nance can break free from this indentured (for peanuts) servitude and join the regular folks on the internet who make friends and have fun.

Come to the light, Nance!

Come to the light!

Nance’s ship has not come in yet.Capture

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/nance.larson.9



Nance seems a bit unhappy with the current state of affairs.

Nance Larson


We wish Nance Larson well in her apparent state of indentured servitude for eaves….


Only the Lonely




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