The .Dot#kred Family of Companies Support teams VS @Kloutsupport (#Klout wins) #custserv #socialmedia

In this corner we have the .dotkred “stable.”

@kred seems to have no dedicated twitter support account.  Strange.

@Kred itself has never responded to a single issue raised.  And this was even before they bought Empire Avenue.  Trouble with their app?  You’re pretty much on your own.

@eav_support (The account is not renamed yet.)  Has never responded to any tweets.  Doesn’t even seem to mind their leaders bullying other customers.  @eav_support’s twitter account is protected.  I kid you not.  Now this is one anti social support team.

When you follow URL suggested on @eav_support’s twitter account it’s questionable if you will get a response.  And if you do, it’s questionable if it will be a rational response.

It’s truly horrid customer service.

And I don’t care if it’s @empirekred now instead of @empireave.  I bet it’s the same idiots answering that have been ignoring customer support issues for ages.

Alan Blaze NewsBlaze Publisher - Copy


Even Nance Larson can’t get support.  And when an openly abusive person who receives preferential treatment can’t get support, that’s saying something.

And deleting support tickets? That’s just weird.

Nance Larson Frustrated - Copy

Nance Larson Things Change - Copy

In this corner we have @klout and @kloutsupport.

@Kloutsupport is responsive!  Responding timely to issues with actual meaningful responses.  Issue with Flickr?  Flickr support also brought into the issue and issue resolved!

To my memory @kloutsupport never has failed to respond to a tweet!  And I’ve tweeted them at least 10 times with various questions.

A partial history is available on, but it only goes back so far.

You can search around for other tweets from @kloutsupport to @wanderinpoet

Customer service on Twitter, A+!

Klout delivers the knockout!


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