#Twitter Ad Run! Part Deux (Success!) #EaV #SocialSales #Influencernetworking

Twitter allows you to drill down to a targeted audience that will largely find the target audience you choose if you take time to set the parameters for an ad run.

Rather than a general run, take the time to FOCUS, and the results can be there.

This will potentially largely avoid the problem of the fake accounts known to be prevalent on Twitter.

I think with my finetuning I avoided the fakies and fiverr RT buyers and hit a real audience.

At least I hope so.

So you can see the quandary for a large agency contemplating a large ad run.  Can they hit their target audience on twitter, with proper finetuning, or will they hit a sea of fake accounts that have no intention of engaging, and no intention of doing anything but looking for the next fiverr gig from Keith.

Three Tweets did pretty well!

The first!



And the data.  The amount of my ad buy and other super secret data has been redacted.

I contemplate this tweet as a public service announcement to warn consumers about the “goon squad.”

As i said it was a small buy.




Organically the tweet did quite well.




And tweet 3.  Again just as well organically (if those are real accounts) versus targeted ad.





A 9 percent rate, on a pretty small sample.

Gareth Davies Invited Reporting


This is @wanderinpoet reporting, digging and signing off.

So much for consumer advocacy


Read about it on Twitter?



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