Is @Kred Transparent, Always? @wingdude @PeopleBrowsr @Empirekred #socialsales #socialmedia #klout

Kred proclaims on their “rules” page that they are “transparent.  Always”


As you can see, this page includes Empire.Kred as one of the Kred companies, or dotkred companies, or however they have organized themselves to consolidate the influencer metric/marketing ecosystem.

To help with that transparency, I have a few questions.

  1.  Who are the owners.
  2. Is there anyone with profit sharing or some other form of compensation that is not considerered technically as “staff” by Empire.Kred support or Empire.Kred./
  3. Please publish a full and concise list of all affiliates.
  4. Please identify any and all “Brand Manager/Admins, Team Leaders and Leaders, volunteers or not.
  5. Please identify all staff of Empire.Kred.  if staff is assigned to projects and not to permanently please identify their names and what projects they have worked on or it’s contemplated they will work on.
  6. Please identify any contractors doing work for Empire.Kred, Kred, PeopleBrowser or the dotkred companies.
  7. Please clarity why a leader of Empire.Kred, DigitalKeith feels he can tell me,  a longtime customer of Kred’s, that I “need a new hobby” and why he seems to feel he can influence what I write about on my blog.  He’s an asshole, I think.  Many others seem to agree.
  8. Kindly keep the asshole side of the “social media” interactions that threaten and dox me away from me.

Keith Gill New Profile

Thank you.

Only then will I consider Kred, as “transparent.”

Sure was kind of Keith, a leader of EmpireKred, to write a article about Kred, and their competitor, Klout.


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