Why #Consumers Do Not Trust Internet Marketers ~ Cheesy Affiliate #Marketing #SocialMedia

“Join Empire.Kred Today” the headline screams.

The author is identified as Nance Larson.

The affiliate referrer link is provided at the bottom of the blog.

We have inquired if this is THE Nance Larson, who is an affiliate referrer of EmpireKred, admin of the “Welcome Wagon” forum (identified as EmpireKred staff by popup on the site) and leader (former team leader) who was gifted the leaders package promoted as follows and removed people unilaterally from benefits they paid Empire Avenue $100.00 for.





Mad Nance 1

Mad Nance 2

What do affiliates earn?  A percentage of what players spend.

Capture Capture2


Kita Champion and Lynn O’Connell are Brand Manager/Admins and Lynn is also “Player Champion.”



The EA Leaders Account is managed by:

Capture - Copy








(Nance Larson seems to share something in common with Michael Q. Todd,    They fail to clearly disclose they are afilliates of Empire.Kred in their blog posts.


Nance Larson Gifted




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