So Much For A Public Profile #EaV #SocialSales

What kind of self promoting “social sales rock star” that promoted Linked.In, along with twitter,  as the key to his klout success doesn’t want people from viewing his Linked.In profile?

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, the leader of EmpireKred.

A person who helps run the player retention and recruitment departments of EmpireKred doesn’t want people looking at his very public Linked.In profile.

This is extremely odd and seemingly anti-social behavior.

It’s as if he doesn’t realize how much of a buffoon he presents online.

Why when I spoke to Lee, a salesman at Tsu about Mr. Gill, Lee admitted he had to laugh.

Keith Gill’s reaction was so over the top as to draw laughs from other professional salesmen.

I shouldn’t say “other”, as Keith Gill has never exhibited one whit of professionalism in social media interactions with me.

He’s simply been a bully who couldn’t understand that his advise was flat wrong, and that Twitter was not the key to Klout in any way, shape or form.

When he couldn’t accept the truth, he like all trolls, resorted to ad hominem attacks.

It’s sad, but that’s how Keith Gill, Leader of EmpireKred rolls.

If you want to see a buffoon in action, give EmpireKred a try, and buy the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade they have put on sale at EmpireKred.

Read the old Leaders forum threads going back over a year.  You will see a whiner and a crybaby little bully in action, I guarantee.

My advice to the salesman is to at least try to act more professional.

Right now he’s a canker sore on the buttocks of a baboon to most reasonable people’s perceptions that I talk to or interact online with.

He’s a detriment to EmpireKred.



Keith needs to treat himself, and his EmpireKred leadership as  a “Brand” and be far, far more welcoming to views of his profile.

That’s straight off his Sales 4 Life article.


By the way, Keith Gill had zero impact on my Klout score.  It stayed at 78.

His was lower, so by any reasonable standard, I raised his even when he failed to return the Klout he promised to Empire Avenue players.

Basically Keith Gill failed to deliver on his promises over the course of a month.  He’s just a user and an abuser.  Best avoided.

His lack of professionalism is appalling.

Some advice from Linked.In support for Keith if he’d like to hide his profile.

That way the rest of polite society won’t continually be exposed to his “red ass”.



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