Is #GarethDavies Even His Real Name? #EaV #socialmedia #cybersecurity

According to Michael Q. Todd, leader of EmpireKred, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) also a leader of EmpireKred, is a troll and Gareth Davies may not even be his real name.

MQT 5 MQT 7  MQT 9


Gareth Davies has a long history of attacking other Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) customers.

His vendetta against Michael Q. Todd has been carried out on Twitter and in the Empire Avenue forums for over 3 years.

Gareth Attacks Michael Q Todd - Copy


Gareth Davies has been suspended by Twitter (to my knowledge) for doxing (tweeting private information) and violent threats.

He was additionally warned for violent threats.

To my experience Gareth Davies is a troll who lies, bullies and does whatever it might take to try to get his bullying way.

It’s astonishing that EmpireKred still allows this man to be a customer of, much less a leader of EmpireKred.

It’s best to avoid EmpireKred until this abusive leader is removed or controlled.


Gareth New Profile


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