#EmpireKred Doesn’t “Get More People In To Buy Pizza In Des Moines”

According to Player Champion Lynn O’Connell (@omdirect) of EmpireKred,

We have MANY small business owners who thrive on Empire.Kred and use it as a way to learn the techniques that will drive people to their business. But, realistically, running a mission here is not going to get more people in to buy pizza in Des Moines.


EmpireKred has announcted new promotions for November, the Blogathon, and Inviteathon.

In the inviteathon existing players can receive $2,000,000.00 eaves, subject to not very difficult requirements, for inviting friends.   They can invite up to 50 friends.

The invited friends received $2,000,000.00 eaves also.

For a new player this equates to a pretty significant time savings in eaves otherwise, with running missions.    Other than running missions this cash will be handed to new players.

They are rerunning the Blogathon also to attempt to spark interest and attract new players.

Readers of the blog joining gains you $2,000,000 eaves.

A Share-a-thon (basic itent of the website is to share others social media) and Video-a-thon (create videos promoting EmpireKred) are also running.

All these promotions are basically reliant on the volunteer labor model they have been employing for over a year to attempt to grow then Empire Avenue, and now EmpireKred.

Just don’t use it to try to grow your local business according to Player Champion, Lynn O’Connell.

Capture - Copy


So it seems that rather than address existing customers longstanding complaints with hyperinflation and no incentive for players to run missions, EmpireKred will be hyperinflating the game economy in an attempt to lure in new businesses, which they then claim they cannot help.






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