The #Klout Rollercoaster of Love. #socialmedia #influencernetworking

Klout has published their explanation of their algorithm.

Hopefully this will help Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith understand Klout’s algorithm.

This follows an article in Forbes by Theo Priestley touting Klout,

Who responds to your messages and interactions also adds to the algorithms behind Klout, for example, if Elon Musk responds to a message posted then they are influenced by your message and have acted on it. This is weighted far differently than if someone who holds little influence across multiple domains, since Klout also validate that users with higher Klout Scores are able to spread information wider in a network.



Those of us with the intelligence to figure it out pretty much knew this, but those like Keith Gill, who were trying to game the system might have a clue why it can’t be gamed longterm now.




This is why we ignore trolls like Gareth Davies and Chris Sandys.  They have no influence.  And we know this.


In other news, I hit 80 Klout today.  






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