An Update to An Earlier Post About Bewaring Emails from #EmpireKred. (E)FAIRYDUST #techieminx #michdelledh

In my post entitled, “Beware An Email Invitation to Join #EmpireKred” a Tweet from @michelleDh was included.

She also uses a twitter account, @techieminx,  and is Fairy Dust Media (leader account) on Empirekred.

Capture - Copy Capture2 - Copy



Gareth Davies does work for @michelledh maintaining her website.



Personally I think any woman that hangs around with a person that doxes people and issues violent threats might be insane.



Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies  Violent Threats


Would you trust your social media and business to a social media company like Fairy Dust Media with such friends and associates?

Capture - Copy

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