The Internet Marketers Guide To Skeezy Traffic Generation #EaV #Marketing #socialmedia #socialsales

Why are some of the worst marketers in social media all players, customers and leaders of EmpireKred?

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A portion of Mr. Krohn’s “biography” from his EmpireKred profile.

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Steven Krohn is a leader at EmpireKred, and not coincidentally has the second highest dividends of any leader, player or otherwise.


I’m sure Richard Krawczyk probably doesn’t have a clue is that Steven Krohn gave access to his “virtual assistant” Akanasha, and they posted incredibly spammy comments on Facebook (and elsewhere?) to generate “traffic.”

Steven is periodically locked down by Facebook for spammy comments.Capture









Steven Krohn describes himself as the “wizard of oz.”

Do you want VA (Virtual Assistant) generated “traffic” or do you want real traffic from real customers with a real intent to purchase your pizza?  Or at least take a legitimate look at what your product is about?


These “relationships” are not “real”, it’s empty “social signals” that game Klout and Kred and EmpireKred’s “algorithm.”

This is not organic traffic and “real” people commenting who may have an intent to become your customer.

Who is Akanasha Gautam you ask?  A Virtual Assistant at “Things I Like.”


See more on Richard Krawczyk’s blab for an incomplete discussion on how marketer Steven Krohn makes things go “viral.”

And as Lynn O’Connell, Player Champion of EmpireKred says,

Capture - Copy

Lynn O’Connell also has a history of having access to other Empire Avenue Brand Manager/Admins personal accounts and creating “missions” in their name on Empire Avenue.


Edit:  Richard Krawczyk is a leader at EmpireKred.

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