Can #EmpireKred Increase Your Sales With Measurable Results? Signs Point To No. #socialmedia #eav

According to EmpireKred Player Champion (Brand Manager/Admin?) Lynn O’Connell,

We have MANY small business owners who thrive on Empire.Kred and use it as a way to learn the techniques that will drive people to their business. But, realistically, running a mission here is not going to get more people in to buy pizza in Des Moines.

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The reason for that seems to be that the most active players on EmpireKred are actually social media marketers.

And these are marketers who themselves note that Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) doesn’t help with their niche marketing.

Marketers such as Paul Steinbrueck of

With a very small player base of course EmpireKred can’t really help you sell a pizza.

What they can do is get people to talk about you, and maybe someone in your area might see that discussion in their feed, and read the post, then decide to visit your establishment.

Maybe.  But not probably.  And not measurably.

So is EmpireKred a good investment for your limited advertising dollar?

Not at present.

As EmpireKred leader, and 2nd most active player on social media as Dividends measure,  Steven Krohn notes, he can deliver the traffic but he can’t make them buy.

Well, Steven’s Virtual Assistant in India can deliver the traffic…

Do you want marketers talking to other marketers about your business or product and sending people with no intent to buy to your social media posts?

Give EmpireKred a try.

You can see a partial discussion of Steven Krohn’s methods on Empire Avenue leader Richard Krawczyk’s Blab.








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