A “SELL” Order on (e)USAFA93 #Empirekred #eav #socialmedia

Today we take an in depth look at Chris Sandys (@usafa_93, (e)usafa93) and evaluate whether he’s a risk you should hold onto in your portfolio.

To make a long story short, we recommend an immediate sale.

Mr. Sandys has a history of being moderated by Twitter for non violent threats to other customers of Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred.)

Mr. Sandys current dividend is currently a very weak .29 cents and his share price is a way overpriced 820.47.

Obviously the P/E ratio is abysmal.

His social presence is minimal at best, with EmpireKred itself being his strongest network.

Ancillary stats are a 46 or so Klout, down from a high of 72 or so.  He has simply gone MIA from social media.

In short, the Asshole sector is overheated and there’s simply to many assholes floating around.  We expect a market correction shortly with the bubble bursting in rather dramatic fashion.

We view (e)usafa93 as a high risk/low reward stock, and recommend an immediate sale.




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