#DailyBeast Writer #StereoWilliams and The Death of #Journalism #socialmedia

According to Stereo Williams, writer at The Daily Beast, considering Miley Cyrus a fool is dishonest.



I have no idea how or why.

Simply that considering her a fool is dishonest because she states or thinks things present in the wider culture.

So using the same logic, I think Stereo Williams is culturally responsible for the dearth of unwed mothers in the black community.

Clearly it’s present with the rate of unwed mothers rising to 72%.

The only thing I learned from Stereo Williams is that he’s a fool, and masquerades as a journalist, and little more than an online troll.

His ideas are old and outdated and he should learn not to be so divisive, if he can.

Stop living in the past.

America is a culture of cultures, and Miley Cyrus’ culture isn’t mine, or most peoples I believe.

A “Salad Bowl” as it were.

Apparently Stereo Williams can’t accept that people aren’t responsible culturally for others actions if they don’t even share the same culture, values and beliefs.

Stereo Williams is a bigot.

Artists like Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Diana Ross, changed music and improved upon it.

Then early hip hop and rap artists like The Sugar Hill Gang changed it again.

Nicki Minaj sells records and puts out commercial slock.  If you celebrate commercial schlock, then you might think she deserved an MTV award.

I wouldn’t give 2 Live Crew any awards for shaking asses, either.

It’s a shame he has such a pedastal as a “journalist”.



Salad bowl


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