#EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Is A Big Believer In “Negative… Behavior” #EaV #SocialMedia

EmpireKred staff member Nance Larson (Former Team Leader) is a big believer in “both negative and postive behavior.”

Unless it’s blogging about her own abuse of customers and plagiarism that is contrary to game rules (and potentially copyright law).

Then she wants that stopped.

Negative - Copy


Here’s the form for DCMA takedowns if she has any issue.  Wordpress responds quickly in my experience.

Here’s the blog Nance is whining about.

And additional background on Nance Larson’s plagiarism.

And additional possibly plagiized pics posted on Instagram which is decidedly against the rules of EmpireKred of which she is indicated to be “staff”.



And a casual runthrough of Nance Larson’s Instagram reveals yet more potentially infringing material.



Capture - Copy (2)




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