Review of Crowdify: A New #SocialMedia Sharing (Slightly Gamified) Application

What is Crowdify?

Simply and succintly:  It’s Empire Avenue social media without the abusive personalities with perks and bitcoin.  It’s copromote, with a bit of gamification.

You set “Tasks” ie “missions” and send your fellow crowders out to your social media.

I created one, and “stole” some crowdycoins from MQT (20,000) on his facebook group mission.  Sadly I couldn’t complete it, but I did try.

He’s the banker I guess, so he can afford the loss.  I did join the other pages however.




Where does my mission lead?

To this review.

The perks?  Nothing really special.



It’s a clean and simple interface.

The app permissions to hook up facebook and the facebook page aren’t working.

The rest of the major social media sites hooked up quickly and easily.

Bitcoin is also built in, if you are into that.

It’s a little more content and “free stuff” than something like co-promote gives, and potentially less fun than EmpireKred (no serious gamification), but without the obvious negatives empire avenue offered.

So there’s always that.

The potential for a fun sharing site is there, and they seem to have a good chunk of new users to continue the testing.

There were not that many “tasks” to complete at this time.  I easily completed them all in a few minutes and earned what seemed for the small economy, a fair chunk of crowdy coins.

The game is available for free with a simple twitter login, and a premium membership of $12.00 a month that offers expanded options.


4 thoughts on “Review of Crowdify: A New #SocialMedia Sharing (Slightly Gamified) Application

    1. I’m having fun playing with the free account right now, Joan. I’m waiting to see what consumers recommend and what’s implemented, along with the other fixes coming with continued development.

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