#Crowdifytech Wants Your Feedback #socialmedia #influencernetworking

That’s right.  It wants your feedback.

Rather than run things their way (even if you’ve paid to help run things), attack customers, and generally run themselves out of business and into a fire sale like that other gamified social media sharing site, Crowdify wants your feedback.


So here’s mine.  Just real quick, in under 5 minutes of review.

I’m gonna start with my profile page.

It’s pretty simple and uncluttered, but some links would be nice.



Crowdify presents a simple interface.  Being able to select and see “All users” is nice as who is available to network with on site isn’t buried in lists spread all about the place.

I’d slightly expand the options available to free users however.  The one “task” is nice, but a blog now and again published on site could also be useful, and help the site a destination for useful information from more than just paid members and affiliates (as publishers.)

It gives a little more “see and be seen” incentive and ability for other people there to get a taste of a bloggers content, without need to leave the site.

The site is positioned to be a driver in the worldwide digital economy and help promote green and clean initiatives which seem to be the founders interest, but helping other people promote their own interests on your site (even for freebies) would help this mission.

A bit of a buyin is created for those interested, if not in dollars, in time invested.  Give someone a reason to take a greater interest.

It’s simple consumer psychology….



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