The Moderator/Admins of The “Welcome Wagon” Forum on #EmpireKred. #socialmedia #eav

According to a well placed source at EmpireKred there are some very strange accounts listed as Admins/Moderators on the site.

Bird and animal admins - Copy


If this is true, it would seem that the EmpireKred “stock market” is being manipulated by whomever controls the accounts.

Which accounts?  Accounts identified as “Staff” on the website, with some managed by PeopleBrowsr, the owners of EmpireKred.

Who controls the PeopleBrowsr business account?  We know that the Admins of Empire Avenue, along with some TeamLeaders share logins and have created missions for each other (Lynn O’Connell).

The question is when will PeopleBrowsr actually take an interest in running EmpireKred as a legitimate business?


Capture - Copy




Capture - Copy (4)


Accounts such as Kindred Kangaroo.




Nance Larson herself, also listed as “Staff” on the “About” page is an affiliate of EmpireKred.

Clearly she has a financial motive here, she is not purely a “volunteer” by any stretch of the imaginiation.



Capture - Copy (3)


Nance Larson Unhappy




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