To Seek A Civil Restraining Order Is A Serious Step #EaV #SocialMedia

I asked Social Media and cyberbullying expert Officer Mike Bires of the Azusa Police Department whether or not I should seek a civil restraining order against Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and Keith Gill, leaders of EmpireKred.

I got my answer.


Of course as a consumer affairs, customer service and social media blogger, blogging about relevant subject matter, ie, Empire Avenue, (now EmpireKred) and their out of control leaders, I feel that continue to blog (and tweet) about their activities would serve the public good far better than securing a restraining order.

I consulted with a person I consider to be an expert who agreed with the present course.

After all, these people don’t respect their own customers rights, and have a long history of having a “goon squad.”

California has anti-SLAPP legislation and a recent 9th Circuit Court Decision (also covers Arizona) protects bloggers as journalists.

Essentially these peoples contempt for rule of law is such that they believe they can do anything to anyone, I feel.

As such, I continue to warn consumers about their actions as they are Leaders at EmpireKred, a social media corporation, now owned by Kred (PeopleBrowsr) headquartered in San Francisco.

Given that the CA DOJ opened an inquiry into Twitter, and the SF DA’s office opened a file as a direct result of Keith Gill’s abuse of reporting feature, it’s clear that Mr. Gill’s knowledge of CA and San Francisco jurisdiction consumer protection laws is sadly lacking.



Twitter themselves are on the record as standing FOR free speech, and working to improve their record on abuse on their social media platform.

Keith’s opinion is clear…





12302914 letter DOJ redacted


Ethel Newlin 1122015

Ethel Newlin 2032015

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