Internet Marketer Steven Krohn A “Criminal” By His Own Definition… #Eav #socialmedia

Steven Krohn, internet marketer, Empirekred leader and “libertarian” is a criminal according to his own defintion of criminality.

Contrary to the American system of jurisprudence Mr. Krohn believes that all illegal aliens are criminal by definition and without rights.

This contradicts the presumption of innocence that is taught and in effect in all jury trials in the United States.






The failure to recognize Rule of Law, Due Process, Civil Rights, and Presumption of Innocence can only be a symptom of our failing educational system.

I have no other logical explanation for how a citizen of the United States could consider any person, citizen or not, as having no rights.

This is important as during a time of financial duress Mr. Krohn attempted to arrange a transfer of funds from Sudan through India to the United States.

Certainly I have no problem considering a convicted felon a criminal.

Thus, by his own definition, Steven Krohn is a “criminal.”




Facilitating a transfer to evade US sanctions seems to be prohibited.

And according to Steven’s own definition, there’s no trial required to think he’s a “criminal” for attempting to engage in such activity.

Many US sanctions programs, including the Iran, Syria, Cuba and Sudan-related programs, prohibit US persons from “facilitating” prohibited transactions. In other words, sanctions programs prohibit US persons from doing indirectly — i.e. by assisting third party transactions — what they cannot do directly. Under the Sudan sanctions regulations, for example, “facilitation” is defined as any unlicensed action by a US person that “assists or supports” a transaction by, or with, a sanctioned party. Although this definition is not restated in other sanctions regulations, many practitioners understand that it applies across the various US sanctions programs.




You don’t say.







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