Are Your Paranoid #SocialSales “Goon Squad” Leaders Costing You Potential Sales? #socialmedia #empirekred

We all know that the digital economy is the wave of the future.

And synergy with networking across social media platforms allows greater ROI for reduced effort, increasing your profit margins.

But are your social sales personnel that exhibit anti social traits costing you potential sales?
Do you value influencer networking, marketing and word of mouth (across social media) advertising, or do you allow your social sales personell to troll, cyberbully and block people who try to offer them good advice?

Don’t practice “social sales” the DigitalKeith way.

Value your customers, and they will value you.

Social Media and social sales practices exhibited by DigitalKeith will cost you sales in the digital economy.

And all because I tried to help Keith correct his article on how to raise your Klout score on Sales 4 Life that was demonstrably incorrect with falsehoods being promoted through Empire Avenue’s social media “missions” promotion system.

What a nard.

The “Goon Squad” reputation is now driving potential customers to competitors.





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