Traffic! Unique Visitors and Sales! New Startup @crowdifytech Takes Some Of #EmpireKred’s Traffic

Crowdify, a new social media startup is finding room in the not so crowded social media, influencer marketing and influencer networking scene.

Where is their traffic coming from?


The major social media sites for the most part.

And EmpireKred.

According to founder Michael Q. Todd,

Idea of site is to bring internet knowledge to world and to hold meetings that will promote and faciliatte *sic equity crowdfunding especially of cleantech


Helping spread the news of smaller social media entrepreneurs along with news on cleantech, bitcoin and other subject matter, there’s room for Crowdify to grow due to Empire Avenue’s historic abuse of customers and resulting migration of customers away from the site.

Will Empire Avenue’s legacy of abusing customers and having a “goon squad” (Keith Gill, Chris Sandys, Nance Larson and Gareth Davies) still leaders at EmpireKred (which recently changed name from Empire Aveue) continue to siphon customers away from EmpireKred?

Will Keith Gill and the other “goons” continue to lash out at news they don’t like on their social media profiles?

Or will they stop the cycle of abuse and repair their business image, traffic flow and increase their own sales?

Only time will tell.

Other competitors that offer “sharing” of social media between other members include Traff.Up and Co-Promote.



Chris Sandys has been warned by Twitter for non violent threats.
Gareth Davies has been suspended for tweeting private information and violent threats.
Keith Gill, AKA DIgitalKeith was moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked (replaced indefinite suspension)
Nance Larson participated in the doxing of a customer.
All acts were directed at a then customer of Empire Avenue, and now a customer of Kred, which owns EmpireKred.

EmpireKred “support” refuses to stop the ongoing abuse.


1 thought on “Traffic! Unique Visitors and Sales! New Startup @crowdifytech Takes Some Of #EmpireKred’s Traffic

  1. Actually Crowdify is a support and promotion vehicle for Empire Kred. If you view our social media accounts we are constantly pushing and promoting Empire Kred.
    My wife and I have invested over $40,000 in Empire Kred and sponsored around 25 friends into the leaders group for example so have a vested interest in the ongoing success of Empire Kred.
    We are sending them traffic not taking it away?

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