Are You A Woman, In #SocialMedia And Want To Potentially Be Abused Online? Try #EmpireKred

Want to place your social media business at risk?  Give EmpireKred a try.

If you are a woman, in socialmedia, and want to be abused by leaders of a company you’re a customer of give EmpireKred a try.

Gareth Davies, Chris Sandys and Keith Gill, leaders at EmpireKred, have an extensive history of abusing women online.

Women have told me they have left Empire Avenue (since purchased by EmpireKred) or greatly reduced their use of Empire Avenue due to attacks by Gareth Davies.

Chris Sandys has a history of attacking female customers, referring to one as an “idiot” and heaping abuse upon her on Facebook.

Amazingly Chris Sandys feels the victim of Ray Rice was at fault for being viciously struck in the face by her professional football playing husband.

Chris Sandys Beatdown


Keith Gill apparently feels a woman who has never threatened anyone and who is a daughter of Hollywood and whose niece was recently married in the Nixon library is somehow “creepy.”  (I suspect Keith Gill is actually a mangina.)



According to reports Mr. Davies and Mr. Gill are expert hackers (they claim expertise) and can DM you on EmpireKred despite having them blocked.

Gareth Davies can attack you on facebook chat (now messenger) whether you are friended with him or not.  He simply “pops up” in chat and launches vicious attacks.

EmpireKred is unresponsive to complaints, and denies responsibility for their Leaders actions, despite clear ToS provisions that would seemingly prevent such behavior.

Want to place your social media business at risk?  Give EmpireKred a try.


These are the men of EmpireKred.



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