#ChrisSandys, The Communal Jihadi Leader of #EmpireKred #Eav #socialmedia

Why does EmpireKred have an inherited “goon squad” of vicious evangelists that are willing to use threats against other customers in order to keep a long record of abuse of customers “off the record”?

What kind of company not only bullies their own customers, refuses to act to stop bullying by leaders and then attempts to silence the reporting of that bullying to other consumers so they can be informed about what may happen to them if they spend money at Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred)?


It’s strange that Chris Sandys, leader of EmpireKred would transmit a message that the bullying and attacks on customers should be “off the record” rather than deal forthrightly with the bullying by Gareth Davies and others of other customers.

However that’s exactly what Chris Sandys has done.

Then, unable to silence the blogging, he, Nance Larson, Keith Gill and Gareth Davies have engaged in continued bullying to include doxing, violent threats and non violent threats, fabrications and false allegations to try to exert pressure to silence the perfectly valid content being generated.


An example of Chris Sandys lies.

I haven’t been banned from EK.  In fact, the “support” desk indicates I have no relationship with the company and am not a customer.

That’s ok.  That’s perfect, that’s just how I like it now.

It leaves me free to write exactly what happens at EmpireKred without worrying about their Terms of Service that they don’t apply to the vicious acts of Chris Sandys, et al, but do apply if you report false advertising by Keith Gill…

Imagine, being suspended for being worried about false advertising being run through Empire Avenue’s social media promotions system.

Even as Robby Ball, admin failed to act to stop the falsehoods as they were being reported directly to him on Facebook.

Want to be abused by a company that won’t act to stop abuse by Chris Sandys, Keith Gill, Nance Larson and Gareth Davies?

Give EmpireKred a try with your limited ad budget.

With a long history of attacking customers (Stretching back years) , you simply never know when you will be attacked by them.  They’ve done it before, can do it again.

PS:  My side is clear.  It’s the US.  Chris Sandys side is the non Constitution acknowledging or knowledable of side.

Chris Sandys remains one of the worst liars I have ever encountered.  Strangely the other “worst liars” are these same people from EmpireKred…

Chris Sandys has been warned by twitter for non violent threats for his part in the conduct that led to a CA DOJ inquiry of Twitter’s behavior in all this.  (Much of the abuse by Empire Avenue, now EmpireKred leaders has taken place openly on Twitter.)





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