Confused And Disjointed Message From Europe. Anti-Semitism On Rise

The EU has recommended that products made in lands seized after 1967 be labeled as “Israeli Settlement” products according to the New York Times.

areas that came under its control in 1967 be labeled “Israeli Settlement” products and not “Made in Israel


This will not merely damage marketing efforts of businesses in the occupied territory, but will in fact hurt Palestinians employed by Israeli owned businesses.

The PLA and Palestinian NGO’s urge such acts, but as noted in reporting in Haaretz,

The West Bank economy has benefited, too, from growing employment in Israel, the bank noted. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Palestinians working in Israel made up 11.7% of the Palestinian West Bank workforce last year and their wages in 2013 were equal to 12.3% of the West Bank’s gross domestic product.
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At a time when the EU is working to stop terrorist attacks in France and elsewhere it seems ironic they are punishing Israel for protecting themselves, AND providing employment to Palestinians who do not have employment otherwise available.

The historic anti-semitism in Europe, that saw Jewish people nearly decimated, and driven TO Palestine as part of a United Nations settlement process after WW2 (started before World War 2 by the British Mandate) is nearing an all time high.

Why do the Europeans persist in their anti semitism in the face of rising danger from Islamic terrorism?

Terrorism that Israel experiences first hand on a daily basis?

It’s nonsensical at this point.  A farce.




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